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The Project
A group of the world's best kayakers team up to create a film package designed to help you run your Dream Line.
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  • Steve Fisher Photo
    Steve Fisher
  • Eric Jackson Photo
    Eric Jackson
  • Benny Marr Photo
    Benny Marr
  • Nouria Newman Photo
    Nouria Newman
  • Adriene Levknecht Photo
    Adriene Levknecht
  • Pat Keller Photo
    Pat Keller
  • Dane Jackson Photo
    Dane Jackson
  • Nicole Mansfield Photo
    Nicole Mansfield
Our Team
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Learn Stuff
We’re here to pick up where your last session left off and help turn you into the paddler you’d like to become.
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Tune In
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Come Paddle
Join us for guided instruction on our favorite runs.
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